Sumahari Archives.

Zena was the start of it all, born in 1973, sired by Bondor Toast of the Town out of Melga's Lesina she was pure British Afghan.


 Branwen Sheen Kabuli at S. was our first 'import', from the last litter of Afghans that Cynthia Boissevain bred, from her imported stock that she had brought over with her from Spain, Blue was born in 1980, our fourth Afghan he had several lines back to the great 'Shirkhan of Grandeur' and marked the change in our kennels to a more international Afghan. Blue was 12 years old in this photo.

  'Chloe' was a product of introducing the imported lines (although quite far back) of Ajman Branwen Kandahar, born in 1983 she was by Ch.Koolaba Alexander of Sacheverell from a Kharisar/Tarril bred bitch of ours and had the beginning of 'the look' we were aiming for.


 1985 was an important year for Sumahari, we imported from Spain two Blue Shah of Grandeur Grandchildren, sired by a nephew of our own 'Blue'. These two kids were to prove the turning point in setting 'our type'.

 Ch/Am.Ch.Sumava's Haidalla at S.(or Amaya to her friends) was to become our first Champion and made history by becoming the first Am.Ch. Afghan bitch to go on and gain her U.K.title.

She was co-owned with Grandeur from the age of 2, and gained her Am. Title with four majors.

Against all odds she attained her British title and left us at the age of 11 with a Champion daughter 'Star'


 Diego accompanied his sister through quarantine and when mated to a sister of 'Chloe' helped in stamping his and our type.



Sumahari Too Hot To Handle was born in 1988 and displayed the breed type of his pedigree as did his brother..

S. That'll Do Nicely.


 Amaya when mated to Ch.Sharazah Sir Galahad produced a litter of nine, seven blacks, two of whom went to Grandeur (USA) and two golden children:- S. Sir Galahad to Sade (owned by Chris and Julie Amoo)

and S. Sunlight (owned by the late Liz O'Connor and Terry Thomas) who has Championship show winning children too.


Amaya's black daughter 'Star' after gaining her title was mated and produced 'Lucas' and Mia


Lucy -Araki Rashida - came to us, tragically very briefly, to have Lucas's first litter, she left us Harry in whom she can live on.


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